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Salgado, Genesis

ISBN: 9783836538725
AUTOR: Wanick Salgado, Lélia

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“In GENESIS, my camera allowed nature to speak to me. And it was my privilege to listen.” —Sebastião Salgado On a very fortuitous day in 1970, 26-year-old Sebastião Salgado held a camera for the first time. When he looked through the viewfinder, he experienced a revelation: suddenly life made sense. From that day onward—though it took years of hard work before he had the experience to earn his living as a photographer—the camera became his tool for interacting with the world. Salgado, who “always preferred the chiaroscuro palette of black-and-white images,” shot very little color in his early career before giving it up completely. Raised on a farm in Brazil, Salgado possessed a deep love and respect for nature; he was also particularly sensitive to the ways in which human beings are affected by their often devastating socio-economic conditions. Of the myriad works Salgado has produced in his acclaimed career, three long-term projects stand out: Workers (1993), documenting the vanishing way of life of manual laborers across the world; Migrations (2000), a tribute to mass migration driven by hunger, natural disasters, environmental degradation and demographic pressure; and this new opus, GENESIS, the result of an epic eight-year expedition to rediscover the mountains, deserts and oceans, the animals and peoples that have so far escaped the imprint of modern society—the land and life of a still-pristine planet. “Some 46% of the planet is still as it was in the time of genesis,” Salgado reminds us. “We must preserve what exists.” The GENESIS project, along with the Salgados’ Instituto Terra, are dedicated to showing the beauty of our planet, reversing the damage done to it, and preserving it for the future. Over 30 trips—traveled by foot, light aircraft, seagoing vessels, canoes, and even balloons, through extreme heat and cold and in sometimes dangerous conditions—Salgado created a collection of images showing us nature, animals, and indigenous peoples in breathtaking beauty. Mastering the monochrome with an extreme deftness to rival the virtuoso Ansel Adams, Salgado brings black-and-white photography to a new dimension; the tonal variations in his works, the contrasts of light and dark, recall the works of Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Georges de La Tour. What does one discover in GENESIS? The animal species and volcanoes of the Galápagos; penguins, sea lions, cormorants, and whales of the Antarctic and South Atlantic; Brazilian alligators and jaguars; African lions, leopards, and elephants; the isolated Zo’é tribe deep in the Amazon jungle; the Stone Age Korowai people of West Papua; nomadic Dinka cattle farmers in Sudan; Nenet nomads and their reindeer herds in the Arctic Circle; Mentawai jungle communities on islands west of Sumatra; the icebergs of the Antarctic; the volcanoes of Central Africa and the Kamchatka Peninsula; Saharan deserts; the Negro and Juruá rivers in the Amazon; the ravines of the Grand Canyon; the glaciers of Alaska… and beyond. Having dedicated so much time, energy, and passion to the making of this work, Salgado calls GENESIS “my love letter to the planet.” Whereas the limited Collector’s Edition is conceived like a large-format portfolio that meanders across the planet, this unlimited book presents a selection of photographs arranged in five chapters geographically: Planet South, Sanctuaries, Africa, Northern Spaces, Amazonia, and Pantanal. Each in its own way, this book and the Collector’s Edition—both edited and designed by Lélia Wanick Salgado—pay homage to Salgado’s triumphant and unparalleled GENESIS project. The photographer Sebastião Salgado began his career as a professional photographer in Paris in 1973 and subsequently worked with the photo agencies Sygma, Gamma, and Magnum Photos. In 1994 he and his wife Lélia Wanick Salgado created Amazonas Images, which exclusively handles his work. Salgado’s photographic projects have been featured in many exhibitions as well as books, including Sahel, L’Homme en détresse (1986), Other Americas (1986), Workers (1993), Terra (1997), Migrations (2000), The Children (2000), Africa (2007), Genesis (2013), The Scent of a Dream (2015), and Kuwait, A Desert on Fire (2016). The editor and author Lélia Wanick Salgado studied architecture and urban planning in Paris. Her interest in photography started in 1970. In the 1980s she began conceiving and designing the majority of Sebastião Salgado’s photography books and all the exhibitions of his work. Lélia Wanick Salgado has been the director of Amazonas Images since 1994.

...n. 9 in Fotografia paesaggistica. n. 59 in Fotogiornalismo e saggi ... Genesis - Sebastiao Salgado - Babelio ... . Sebastião Salgado's haunting black-and-white photographs from the GENESIS project record landscapes and people unchanged in the devastating onslaught of modern society and development. Taken over the course of an epic eight-year expedition , the images are divided into five broad geographic chapters: Planet South, Sanctuaries, Africa, Northern ... Salgado nació en una granja del interior de Brasil, allí apr ... Genesis by Sebastião Salgado - Goodreads ... ... Salgado nació en una granja del interior de Brasil, allí aprendió a ver y a amar las luces, se crió con cielos cargados de nubes y tormentas a través de los cuales se filtraba la luz. Pasó su infancia entre enormes extensiones de terreno, arroyos, temporadas de lluvia y largas trashumancias a caballo entre miles de bueyes. Now, Salgado has scrolled back from exodus to Genesis, a stirring show at the International Center of Photography and also an oversized slab of a book. The 200 gorgeously printed black-and-white ... Sebastião Salgado - Genesis 16.11.2018 - 23.6.2019 Ausstellungsstrasse Gletscher, dicht bevölkert von Robben, endlose Dünen der Sahara oder nebelumhüllte Berge im Regenwald des Amazonas: Sebastião Salgado zeigt uns die Erde als Schöpfung von überwältigender Schönheit und schärft damit unser Bewusstsein für ihre Kostbarkeit. Sebastião Salgadois a Brazilian photojournalist whose black-and-white prints capture natural environments and the people who inhabit them. He uses his images as a means of promoting preservation, as is the focus of his project GENESIS(2004-2011). (Gen 1, 2-3) CaixaForum Madrid is currently exhibiting 245 polaroids from the Genesis series by Sebastião Salgado (born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1944) until May 4 — an exhibition which serves as a testimony to one of world's most relevant contemporary photographers. He was awarded the prestigious Príncipe de Asturias de las Artes award ... Von 2004 bis 2013 arbeitete Salgado am Projekt Genesis, bei dem er noch unberührte Landschaften und ihre Flora und Fauna dokumentierte. A photographic highlight selected by the picture desk. Sebastião Salgado's visit to the nomadic Nenets of northern Siberia was one of the final trips of his Genesis project. Sebastiao Salgado. Genesis Literatura obcojęzyczna już od 178,20 zł - od 178,20 zł, porównanie cen w 10 sklepach. Zobacz inne Literatura obcojęzyczna, najtańsze i najlepsze oferty, opinie.. The culmination of eight years' work exploring 32 countries, the world premiere of Sebastiao Salgado's Genesis unveils 250 extraordinary images of landscapes, wildlife and remote communities by the world-renowned Brazilian photographer. Depicting the majesty of nature and the balance of human relationships with our fragile planet, the pictures provide unique glimpses into ancestral traditions ... Genesis (Taschen, 2013) Dalla mia Terra alla Terra (con Isabelle Francq), Contrasto, 2014; Documentario. Nel 2014 il figlio di Salgado, di nome Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, con Wim Wenders dirige il documentario Il sale della terra, che ritrae le opere del fotografo brasiliano. Il film documentario ottiene una candidatura ai premi Oscar 2015. Genesis. Met het fotoboek Genesis, dat in 2013 uitkwam, was Salgado acht jaar bezig. Na twee jaar voorbereiding reisde hij in acht jaar langs 32 bestemmingen overal ter wereld om de schoonheid van de nog ongerepte aarde vast te leggen....