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Handbook of Research on Sport and Business

ISBN: 9781782544876
AUTOR: Soderman, Sten

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This Handbook draws together top international researchers and discusses the state of the art and the future direction of research at the nexus between sport and business. It is heavily built upon choosing, applying and evaluating appropriate quantitative as well as qualitative research methods for practical advice in sport and business research. Topics covered for analysis include sports governance, regulation and performance; media and technology; club management and team structure; place, time and spectators of sporting events; and sport branding and sponsoring. The Handbook covers research examples from elite sport to the amateur level, and from different sports, from cycling to cricket, from ice hockey to motorsports, and from football to skiing. It will be read and used by academics and PhD students as well as sports practitioners looking for useful ways of expanding knowledge, conducting research or searching for insights into the challenges of managing sport.

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