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Running for Peak Performance

ISBN: 9781405303392
AUTOR: Shorter, Frank

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This is a simple, intuitive, and practical guide to improving running technique and performance from an Olympic Gold medallist. Frank Shorter’s unique training advice will help you achieve your goals, whether they be weight loss or good race preparation, better running style or a personal best in a new distance. Achieve your personal best with this complete guide to running. Whatever your goal, peak performance, just keeping fit, this simple and practical guide will improve your running technique and performance. It includes detailed programmes on training for different distances, for weight loss, and advice on how to choose the right footwear and avoid injury, written by Olympic marathon winner Frank Shorter.

... Performance incorporates the latest technology from foam rollers to smart watches ... Recovery Strategies for Peak Performance in Ultra Running ... ... . Discover essential stretches and resistance exercises for avoiding injury, and learn how to prepare for your next race. Stop running for just a week, and your maximal aerobic capacity (max VO2), one of the key indicators of performance potential, begins to decrease. Take two to three weeks off, and you'll add a... Think of 5K training for peak performance as an equilateral triangle flipped on its side. You must begin with both speed development and an aerobic base (endurance). Sinc ... Home - Peak Performance Running ... . You must begin with both speed development and an aerobic base (endurance). Since the 5K requires efficiency, endurance, strength, and speed, you will optimize your training by having a broad base of fitness from long runs, tempo runs, strength training ... Starting out running without any of that knowledge is a recipe for developing habits that work against your ability run long term and injury free. If you want the s...