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Walking for Weight-loss

ISBN: 9781856266802
AUTOR: Knight, Lucy

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“Walking for Weight Loss” takes fitness back to basics. As a refreshing alternative to complex, choreographed dance routines and over-priced gym memberships, walking is a form of exercise that is free, enjoyable and a natural part of our everyday life. It is therefore the obvious way to slim down, tone up and get active on a daily basis. You really can lose weight through walking – all you need to do is correct your posture and your technique, work on your stride, speed up your pace and change your focus to transform that everyday saunter into a fat-burning power walk. Lucy Knight guides you through each stage, showing you how to set yourself realistic goals, how to assess how hard you are working and how to try out different styles of walking while also providing you with a compatible, balanced healthy eating plan so that you see results fast. Whether you are walking round the block or across the moor, on a crisp winter’s day, or in gorgeous sunshine, there is always a flexible option for you. It is the perfect and safest exercise for achieving not only weight loss, but complete mental and physical health, as well as a new and focused zest for life. “synopsis” may belong to another edition of this title.

...ose weight. This helps minimize the drop in metabolic rate that occurs when you lose weight, making the pounds easier to keep ... Walking For Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight by Walking ... ... Walking is an excellent form of exercise that can aid weight loss and provide other health benefits. Still, compared with other forms of exercise, many people don't view walking as effective or ... Walking for weight loss may even be more effective than running, according to a 2015 study. British researchers found that people who regularly took brisk walks weighed less than those devoted to... Benefits of walk ... Indoor Walking Workout (15 minutes) - YouTube ... . British researchers found that people who regularly took brisk walks weighed less than those devoted to... Benefits of walking for weight loss. It increases brain power, according to a New Mexico Highlands University study. It improves heart health, (think lower risk of high blood pressure, high ... Walking for Weight Loss Plan- How Much Should I Walk? The average American t...