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Golf Record System

ISBN: 9781905814565
AUTOR: Monticelli, Neil

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One of the great satisfactions of golf is following ones own steady improvement over time. This unique package enables you to monitor your own progress over any number of courses, in any style of competition and against any opponents. More than that, it enables you to make unique records of every round, combining the bald statistics with your own notes and photos to create souvenirs which you can refer to time and again. The CD-Rom contains a custom-made database program. After a round, you can enter the details of the score, who played, what conditions were like – and even upload your digital photos of the days play. The database will store this information and you can access it in a variety of ways – or print it off to make an attractive permanent record. Meanwhile, the accompanying book offers a valuable guide to the intricacies of the games scoring and rules, tips on how to get the most from the database, and guides to some of the games greatest course

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