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My Struggle 5: Some Rain Must Fall PB

ISBN: 9780099590187
AUTOR: Knausgard, Karl Ove

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The fifth installment in the eagerly awaited, internationally celebrated My Struggle series The fifth book of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s powerful My Struggle series is written with tremendous force and sincerity. As a nineteen-year-old, Karl Ove moves to Bergen and invests all of himself in his writing. But his efforts get the opposite effect―he wants it so much that he gets writer’s block. At the same time, he sees his friends, one by one, publish their debuts. He suspects that he will never get anything published. My Struggle: Book 5 is also a book about strong new friendships and a shattering love affair. Then one day Karl Ove reaches two crucial points in his life: his father dies and, shortly thereafter, he completes his first novel.

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