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Our man in Iraq

ISBN: 9789533044446
AUTOR: Perišić, Robert

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Toni, the economics correspondent of a leading Croatian newspaper, initially thought it would be a brilliant idea to send his Arabic-speaking cousin Boris to Iraq to report on the war. However, when all news from Boris suddenly stops, Toni’s career – and his increasingly complicated personal life – is left hanging in the balance as he is forced to fake his cousin’s reports… Our Man in Iraq is a social novel which, with superior lightness and a lot of humour, takes hold on contemporary themes and at the same follows a subtle love story which cannot escape the rules of the world that surrounds it. Incredibly funny, ambitious and intelligent – this is a novel that changed the overall scene of contemporary Croatian literature. Topping the Croatian bestseller list in 2008, Our Man in Iraq won the prestigious Croatian Jutarnji list Award for Best Prose in the same year and was subsequently awarded the 2011 Austrian Literaturpreis der Steiermärkischen Sparkasse. novel (originally published in 2007) is also terrifically witty and ... Читать онлайн «Our Man in Iraq», Robert Perisic - ЛитРес ... ... Our Man in Iraq (Croatian: Naš čovjek na terenu) is a novel by Croatian author Robert Perišić. It was originally published in Croatia, where it became a bestseller and Our Man in Iraq was translated into English by Will Firth and published in the United States on April 2, 2013 by Black Balloon Publishing in... Our Man In Iraq, the first of Robert Perisic's novels to be translated into English, serves as an unforgettable introduction to a vibrant voice from Croatia. With his characteristic humor and insight, Perisic gets to the heart ... Our Man in Iraq by Robert Perišić ... . With his characteristic humor and insight, Perisic gets to the heart of life made and remade by war. Robert Perisic's Our Man in Iraq is about Toni, a journalist who grew up in a rural village and now lives in Zagreb, the capital city, with his girlfriend, an actress whose fame is steadily growing. Our Man in Iraq explores topics ranging from journalism to good versus evil, from relationships to the effects of war. Our man in Iraq. Tanveer Ahmed is a local journalist from Luton who is visiting Iraq for their first democratic elections since the fall of Saddam He is currently based in Southern Iraq embedded with British troops, here he gives us his diary of events. Having looked forward to this trip with mixed... Читать онлайн книгу «Our Man in Iraq» автора Robert Perisic полностью, на сайте или через приложение ЛитРес: Читай и Слушай. 'Our Man in Iraq' is his first novel and quickly became the best-selling book of 2008, while going on to win him critical acclaim both at home and abroad. Title: Our Man in Iraq Author(s): Robert Perisic ISBN: 1-936787-05-9 / 978-1-936787-05- (USA edition) Publisher: Catapult Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU. June 2012 : UK Paperback. Robert Perisic. A journalist, whose marriage is at the point of collapse, sends his cousin out to report on the war in Iraq in his absence. It's not long before things begin to unravel. While he struggles to hold on to his actress girlfriend, his cousin goes missing. Our Man in Iraq by Robert Perisic takes place in 2003, during those first few weeks of the Iraq War when some people still believe the war would be wrapped up and over in six weeks. When I say Our Man in Iraq is likely to be the best novel you've ever read by a Croatian writer, I'm not just cynically gambling that you've never read any Croatian novels; or rather, I'm doing it secure in the knowledge that Robert Perisic's first novel (originally published in 2007) is also terrifically witty and... Robert Perišic's Our Man in Iraq made it onto the first installment of our Great 2013 Book Preview. A few weeks ago, Perišic sat down for an interview with John In "Home," a soldier returns from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to a deteriorating family situation. In "Victory Lap," a botched abduction is told... 21. Read Our Man in Iraq A fictional fabricating war journalist. secretly rewriting all the news reports filed by the unhinged cousin he sent to Baghdad to cove...